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Album: Pervertopia
Label: Soulseller Records
Tracks: 11
Release Date: 07.03.2011
Lenght: n/a


Riff Score: 7.0/10


After you see a band called REPUKED there is only one word in your mind: filth.

REPUKED were founded in 2007, in Sweden, and after two demos they started recording their debut album. The final result was unleashed in March/2011 under the name of “Pervertopia”.

The intro of the first track, “Chemically Wasted”, is a little demonstration of what you will listen in almost every song: vomiting and screaming!

The blend of sonorities is perfectly related to Punk and Death Metal, which sometimes verges on the Grindcore. The drummer does not come from other world, but he does the essential to keep up with that feeling; the guitar riffs are the main link to the combination I stated before, because sometimes you may feel you are in a Punk concert and in the next second you are surrounded by Death Metal fans – I felt it when I listened to the “…Fucking Something Dead” track. However, do not expect only fast guitars and drums! You will listen to some ripping guitar solos, sometimes when you least expect them.

“Toxic Constipation” is the song that ends this record; it is 8 minutes long and I find it to be slow and very obscure – the perfect way to end “Pervertopia”.

Rob “the Slob” is the man who vocalizes this soundscape of decay.

Quoting REPUKED: «Imagine GG Allin’s corpse would daterape the Swedish death metal scene, Repuked would be the abominated result, a true bastard.»

And remember, play it very loud, otherwise you will not fully enjoy it.

Track List

01. | Chemically Wasted
02. | Gag!
03. | Mental Vomit
04. | Pervertopia
05. | I Wanna Puke On You
06. | Brainboiler
07. | Standing By The Roadside…
08. | …Fucking Something Dead
09. | Morgue Of Whores
10. | Orgasmic Death Deliverer
11. | Toxic Constipation