Hellfest 2014 Apr23


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Hellfest 2014

A famous band once sang « Another one bites the dust » but this year, there will be tens of thousands biting the dust and hitting the ground of the biggest metal festival in France: HELLFEST.

Created in 2004 under the name of Fury Fest, which a year later changed into Hellfest, the festival is located in the area of the middle-aged city of Clisson and is held every year in June. In the beginning, the festival was of modest size but its programmation has always been of tremendous quality. As the years went by and its notoriety developed, the Festival grew bigger and more and more people, from all kinds of horizons, came to walk the earth of Clisson. Thus, last year, the Festival recorded an attendance of about 130,000 people.

Therefore, Hellfest is not only the biggest metal festival in France, in terms of attendance and programmation, but it is also the third biggest festival here, in France, all music genre included.
This years’ edition is in the continuity of what it’s been doing for the past years and if one might have thought that it was impossible for the Festival to do better than it did last year, one might have been very surprised discovering that bands like Iron Maiden, Extreme, Black Sabbath, Alter Bridge, Deep Purple, Opeth, Carcass… will be headlining the different stages this year.
As usual, Hellfest achieved to broaden its programmation, perhaps flirting with more famous bands to reach a larger audience, while maintaining a very high quality and diversity in less famous bands, for the most extreme ears of its dwellers. A formula that has proven very efficient as history can tell and which will certainly work for years to come, to our great delight!
Let Hell invade!!

Hellfest 2014

Hellfest 2014