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“Kingdom of Conspiracy” is truly a defining moment for IMMOLATION. With this, the band’s second full length record for Nuclear Blast, it is clear that IMMOLATION has found themselves at their most refined and strongest point to date. “Kingdom of Conspiracy” is without a doubt their most complete, menacing, and grimmest culmination of musical madness the band has ever released! While conceptually taking a dark and bitter look at the realities of our world today, adding an Orwellian twist to its not so distant future, all our fears are soon realized in this soundtrack that mirrors our world more than we choose to accept. And with speeds and intensity beyond anything the band has recorded, to some of the most mournful orchestrations they have dared to delve into, IMMOLATION has redefined themselves once again, and come out holding the torch high! An unrelenting collection of catchy, intense and darkly imaginative tracks, each song on “Kingdom of Conspiracy” is a testament to the pure style and creativity that makes IMMOLATION who they are!

Recorded once again at Millbrook Sound Studios with producer Paul Orofino, mixed and mastered by Zack Ohren (Castle Ultimate Studios), and anointed with the talents of artist Par Olofsson, “Kingdom of Conspiracy” will have extreme music fans foaming at the mouth! With pinpoint accuracy and violent melodic prowess, the epic feel and dominating power delivered by “Kingdom of Conspiracy” is sure to please fans of death/black metal and all extreme music! “Kingdom of Conspiracy” goes beyond all expectations and will leave its listeners crumbled on the ground in a pile of ash…




1. Kingdom Of Conspiracy 3:48

2. Bound To Order 3:49

3. Keep The Silence 4:05

4. God Complex 3:34

5. Echoes Of Despair 3:44

6. Indoctrinate 4:48

7. The Great Sleep 5:21

8. A Spectacle Of Lies 3:13

9. Serving Divinity 3:36

10. All That Awaits Us 4:49